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What is most needed now

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In view of the war in Ukraine, many people want to help and donate for the victims of the war and the refugees; in some cases, the willingness to donate is greater than ever. However, many wonder, especially when it comes to in-kind donations, what is most urgently needed and what has already been donated enough? You can find an overview here.

Donations for refugees in Poland. (Image: REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch)

The news and images from Ukraine also ensure that many Germans want to help those affected with donations. But some donations, no matter how good the intentions behind them, can actually bring more disadvantages than advantages. Therefore, it is important to find out what is really needed today and what is not.

in-kind donations

As the spokeswoman for “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, Birte Steigert, explains to “MDR”, many donors prefer to donate objects rather than money, because “there is something deep inside us that we would like to involve, to overcome this”. helpless in the face of all the terrible information and images.

But in-kind donations are often labor-intensive, have to be sorted and transported, and there is no guarantee that what is raised will actually be used in Ukraine. If you still want to donate items, you should find out in advance from the respective authorities whether it is really necessary. There are usually up-to-date lists of things that are needed.

Among other things, they are often found on these lists:

  • hygiene products

  • perishable food

  • batteries

  • power banks

  • first aid products

  • disinfectant

  • Baby food

  • mobile phone charging cable

You should refrain from donating clothes for the time being, because most organizations are already reporting a surplus of clothing. For this reason, many no longer accept new clothes.

Donate money

According to most aid organizations, the best option in the current situation is a cash donation. Unlike in-kind donations, monetary donations can be used more flexibly. “Nowadays, the need for help changes every day. And aid organizations are procuring relief supplies according to current needs, especially in the regions near the border and in Ukraine itself,” Birte Steigert explained to “WDR “. To ensure this flexibility, donations should be unallocated to the extent possible.

Unfortunately, there are some black sheep who take advantage of people’s willingness to help, advertise with fake calls for donations and use their income for private enrichment. To guard against this, the German Central Institute for Social Affairs (DZI) has one Safe donation checklist collected with which you can check the seriousness of the calls for donations.

The DZI also has one List of organization names, addresses and account numbers compiled to support those affected in Ukraine and people fleeing the war and solicit donations. All of the organizations mentioned bear the DZI donation seal as a sign of individual eligibility for funding. The list will adapt to the current level of information.

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