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What is Hair loss and its symptoms in 2021

an Overview

Alopecia is another name for hair loss that can occur on your scalp or your entire body can be affected by this condition. There could be many reasons such as hormonal changes, heredity, and medical conditions. Aging also plays a role in hair loss. Men and women both can lose their hair, but it is most common in men.

Excessive hair loss from your scalp called “Baldness”. Baldness is mostly caused by hereditary hair loss with age. Some people did not care about this condition, they just let it go as it is. They leave it untreated and unhidden. While some people look very curious about their hair loss, they try to cover it with makeup, hairstyles, scarves, and hats. Some people also use wigs to hide their baldness. These people are always in search of excellent treatment for hair to restore hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Before going for any kind of treatment, you should know the reasons behind the hair falls and talk to your doctor.


Symptoms of Hair loss

Hair fall or hair loss can be of many types depending on its cause. It can be sudden, gradual, and slow, which can be on just the scalp or whole body.

Symptoms and signs of hair loss can be

Gradually on Top of Head

It mostly affects when people get old. Hair starts to recede in the hairline of the forehead.it did not happen instantly, it happens gradually with increasing age. Women commonly did not have completely bald heads. Only men get infected with it.

Patchy or Circular Bald spots

Sometimes hair loss happens in patchy or circular bald spots on the beard, eyebrows, head, or any other part of the body. It is a fungal infection; you feel itching and paint at that spot before hair fall.

Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden hair loss can happen due to any emotional or physical shock. When you comb or wash your hair you get a handful of hair, even a little gentle tugging can put the hair out. The condition is normally temporary and can be treated with over the counter treatment.


This condition is caused by ringworm. In this condition patches of scaling spread all over the body or scalp. The condition brings swelling, redness, oozing, and broken hair at a time.

Full Body Hair Loss

It happens due to some medical conditions and treatments, such as if you have cancer and go for chemotherapy, then a ninety percent chance of hair loss of all body happens. This hair grows back again after some time. Some supplements also cause hair loss.

Time to See the Doctor

You should visit your doctor if hair fall and hair loss is in big amounts and you do not have any medical condition because it can be a sign or symptom of some other health conditions. If you see major differences in your hair, you should talk to your doctor about it to prevent further hair loss.

Importantly, if you notice patchy or sudden hair loss, or when you see more than usual hair loss during hair wash and combing. Because it can be a big sign of a severe medical or health condition that should be treated.

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