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What Is A Mouse?


A mouse, plural mouses, is quite an unusual small animal. Typically, the mouse is known to have a round-shaped body, small round ears, small thick paws, and a short high-males ratio tail. The smallest known mouse species is the house mouse. Mice also are popular as pets.

What is a Mice

The mouse is an automatic computer component. It has an LED (light-emitting diode) located at the bottom part of its body. The LED illuminates the entire area of the mouse, so the mouse pointer moves above the surface of the screen. The movement of the mouse is controlled by a computer through a scanner, which uses an optical transceiver to send the signal, in the form of the light signal, from the mouse to the monitor.

Mouse with Side Buttons

A typical mouse is found with a series of buttons on it. These buttons allow the users to scroll up and down the pages. They can also enter text using the arrow keys and space bar. The four extra buttons can be used for other functions, like zooming and switching between image and text displays. In addition, there is a release button, which allows the user to remove the mouse from the input device quickly.

A computer mouse is different from a mouse pointer in that the former has a movable, stick-like body and the optical mouse has an optical cue ball. The stick-like mouse pointer has a cap, which pushes back towards the user when pressed. The cap stops the ball from moving, making it easy for the user to control the motion. The stick-like mouse, however, does not have any mechanical parts.

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Mouse Types

The two main types of mouse devices are mechanical and computer mice. A mechanical mouse has a trigger, which detects the movement of the mouse and activates the side buttons. When the side buttons are activated, the information displayed is changed to show the coordinates of where the mouse was clicked. The shape and size of the trigger is determined by the type of mouse that the user has. There are three major types of trigger mechanism: electrical, mechanical and combination. Electrical trigger mechanisms require a battery and should be replaced periodically; the mechanical mechanisms work with batteries only.

The majority of computers have dedicated functions for each major computer button or key, such as the Control, Home and Search functions. Often these function keys are grouped into groups of three, such as Home, End and Search. A common function is the mouse wheel, which allows the user to scroll the pages of a web page. This feature is commonly referred to as “mouse wheel support”. Most modern mice have this wheel support built into them, but some older models may need to be fitted with additional devices to provide the functionality.

In addition to the main part of a computer mouse – the optical end, which connects to the computer and sensor to which the mouse is connected – there is also a non-permanent (hand-held) input device. The majority of mouses are equipped with a sensor, which determines the position and movement of the mouse based on the information provided by the optical end. A hand-held input device often referred to as a “footpad”, is used to control the mouse. Footmouses are commonly found in home offices and small computer rooms.

A scrolling button on the side of the footpad provides users with additional functionality. The scroll button moves the cursor up and down a designated distance, while the wheel lets users scroll horizontally. The scroll button can be used to scroll text on a web page, and the wheel lets users scroll vertically within a page of text.

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