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What does “time to shine” mean?

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August 03, 2022 at 06:30

Have you come across the expression “time to shine” on social networks and you don’t know what it means? We’ll explain what that means and how to use it.

What does “time to shine” mean? (Source: aarrttuurr / depotphotos.com)

It means “time to shine”: it’s time to shine / show what you can do!

Literally translated, “time to shine” means “time to shine”. However, the phrase is used in a more figurative sense and should mean something like “Show what you can do!” or “It’s your time”. It is to express that a person has a chance at a certain moment to prove his abilities.

This is how “time to shine” is used

“Time to shine” is used before a particular task or challenge and is intended to provide motivation or encouragement. For example, if someone has an important casting, exam, or job interview, you can use the phrase to express your support in front of that person. You can also tell yourself “it’s time to shine” when you are faced with a difficult situation.


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Here are some examples of using the expression:

  • “Today is your big casting: it’s time to shine! I believe in you, stay calm.”
  • “Now I’m on my way to the interview. It’s time to shine! I’m going to hug you tight, hdl.”

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