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What are Karol G’s sisters doing?

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Carol G. Not only did she stand out for being one of the most talented and successful in the music industry, but also thanks to her personality and charisma, she managed to conquer the hearts of more than one. Yes Her professional growth was so great that she managed to be the artist with the most assets in reggaeton, surpassing Daddy Yankee with over $41 million.

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Her name has been trending for the past few weeks because of her big trip and hair color change that has been so iconic for so many years. Said blue color, which according to her represented stability, tranquility and at the same time nostalgia and pain, marked an aesthetic trend in almost the whole world, become something very his.

In this hairstyle and bicycle farewell, one of his sisters was present, Jessica Giraldo, who is constantly at the artist’s side. Jessica is a lawyer and is constantly at Karol’s side traveling the world. It is speculated that he could be in the Colombian’s legal team. But Jessica not only has a talent for legal matters, but she also has a gift for singing and made it known several times. A video of her in karaoke singing Andrea Bocelli’s “I live for her” was shared and everyone was left speechless when they saw the great voice she has.

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On the other hand, there is his sister Katherin Giraldo, is the owner of Cerbatana, a local food in Colombia. In addition, from what we see on social networks, the girl has also She devotes herself to modeling, as she constantly shares photos of brands that sponsor her. Currently, he is dedicated to the development and production of coffeeso she’s quite an entrepreneur.

VerĂ³nica Giraldo specializes in make-up, so his social networks are full of tutorials and love messages from his followers, who point out that his content is very good. Moreover, on several occasions he accompanied Karol G in his concerts.

In short, the G-sisters, as they are often called, have managed to succeed in every area they dedicate themselves to.

Source metroecuador.com

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