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Weapons used by protesters against the military in San Antonio de Pichincha

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In the afternoon and night of Thursday, June 23, violent clashes took place between national police personnel, armed forces and demonstrators in San Antonio de Pichincha. Although, true barbarism broke out at night against a convoy.

Freddy Adatty Albujamilitary commander of the first division, gave details of the condition of the soldiers affected as well as the behavior of the violent groups located on the road to Calacalí.

“I want to denounce that a military convoy was stopped, obstructed and attacked by violent groups using extreme violence on the road Calacalí, Nanegalito, Los Bancos.” The purpose of this convoy was to allow the logistical flow of more than 1,000 trucks stopped on this road and which affect the supply of the capital

The videos released describe the violence with which the staff acted. He confirmed that there were 17 soldiers injured and that their health will be monitored. In addition, we have 3 burned vehicles as well as a backhoe and a backhoe that moved equipment to clear the road.

“It has been observed that there are armed personnel. We’re not talking about premeditated acts of violence.”.

He emphasized the authority and professionalism of the military, “In this operation, everyone’s rights were respected at all times. We are carrying out the necessary investigations so that all those involved in this savage act are brought before the competent authorities.

“It is time to put an end to this violent attitude which is harming the country,” he said.

“They used rifles, blasters and even other types of weapons in the clashes. We talk about social violence, it changes the tone. The actions that have been developed show us that it was something planned. There were people who were giving supplies.”

I don’t know of any deceased in San Antonio. But if this is the case, the competent authorities will investigate the matter; the vehicles have been set on fire, they cannot be evacuated from the site. The situation in the morning was stable, normal.

Source metroecuador.com

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