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“We still haven’t managed to assimilate the news”: the moving message of En Contacto after the death of Miguel Cedeño

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June 28, 2022 at 12:53 p.m.

The death of Miguel Cedeño was shocking and unexpected news at the national level. From the entertainment show “In Contact”, they also sent their condolences for the terrible loss. “We saw him smile, we saw him fight and we also saw him stand up,” they expressed on the Ecuavisa segment from their Instagram.

“Aboard Miguel Cedeño, because life has seen how much you fell in love with it”I continue the message. To end the condolences, they culminated the paragraph with the moving sentence: “Fly high ‘cherry’, we will never forget you. Strength to their loved ones”they wrote.

All accompanied by a recent photo of Miguel just out of his recovery which indicated that he was on the mend. But it was not like that, since the lymphatic cancer extinguished his life.

Then he continued with another publication where all his members of the entertainment show appear impressed and saddened by the shocking scoop that has turned the world of the small screen upside down.

“To his family, his work team, his loved ones, strength, encouragement and resignation”, was the message as the show’s hosts remained quiet and with sentimental background music.

“We dedicate this program to the person who was Miguel Cedeño in life”they referred in the description of the ‘post’, because for most of those who make up the family of this production, they were very close to ‘La cerecita del pastel’.

One of the famous presenters, Carolina Jaume, dedicated a few words to Miguel Cedeño in the middle of the program that they dedicated to him with honors and tribute. Who was with her is Dora West, who was also close to ‘La crecita’ and denoted the desolation in her look.

“Without a doubt, the news is not only unexpected for all the public who loved ‘La cerecita’, as we affectionately called my handsome fat man. If not also for those of us who fought hand in hand, for those of us who felt that joy and had it in our home”said James.

In the text of this video, they closed the condolences with the following sentence: “The world of entertainment fires Miguel Cedeño, we still have not managed to assimilate the news”They ended with publication.


Source metroecuador.com

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