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“We only have one world.” His poem “Luf” sounds very current.

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Günter Baby Sommer moves between a large collection of percussion and scraping instruments; there’s a classic drum kit, several gongs, a guiro, a rainmaker. The musician sits or stands, sometimes having to bend down to create sounds with sticks, brooms, rod sticks, he changes places on the flat stage in the plenary hall of the Academy of Arts on Pariser Platz. He also has a typewriter with him. He plays at the beginning of the stage performance of Volker Braun’s long poem “Luf-Passion” on Wednesday evening, arranged by Manfred Karge. Günter Baby Sommer is inscribed in the work by the poet, who dedicated it to him in the subtitle. Here his solos and his background music create a third level for the text.

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