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“We have to move fast”: Environment Senator Jarasch laments Berlin’s dependence on Russian energy – Berlin

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In the aftermath of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Senator for Environment and Climate Protection Bettina Jarasch has called on Berlin, in particular, to focus even more specifically on renewable energy. “Regardless of climate change, the Ukraine crisis makes it even clearer to us that we have to invest in renewable energy and a heating transition, and very urgently, especially in Berlin,” the Greens politician told the German Press Agency. .

“Because we are an eastern city, we are almost 100 percent dependent on Russian imports of fossil fuels. So gas, but also oil and coal, we get mainly from Russia,” Jarasch explained.

“That means we feel this vulnerability that we are dependent on fossil energy imports, maybe even more so than other regions of Germany,” the senator said. “And that means we have to step up and invest even more specifically in renewable energy and in the thermal transition, which should make us independent of coal and gas.”

That is the only way forward. “I am very confident that there will be support from the federal government for this as well. In addition to the 100 billion for security, it has also been agreed at the federal level to spend 200 billion on investments for climate protection in the coming years.”

Berlin awaits financial support from the federal government

There is no reason to hold back on climate protection because of the war in Ukraine, Jarasch said. “On the contrary. The urgency has become even greater because we need to become independent from fossil imports as quickly as possible to ensure security of supply.”

Berlin also urgently expects the federal government to contribute to the accommodation costs of the refugees, the Greens politician said. Right now, Berlin, with the support of Brandenburg, is basically taking in refugees from all over Germany. “We’re doing everything we can to the best of our ability. And we like to do that too. We’re making big strides in lodging, we’ll get more big lodgings up and running,” Jarasch said. “But I hope the federal government gets involved in the financing”.

In fact, the federal government withdrew from the co-financing of accommodation for refugees at the end of 2021. “And now comes the Ukraine crisis, and the federal government no longer contributes to these expenses,” criticized the senator, who is also a lieutenant of Mayor.

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Jarasch said the federal government shares responsibility for distributing and funding integration. “Within a week or two, we have a large number of people fleeing that no one could have anticipated on this scale.”

It had been decided to take in the people of Ukraine as war refugees. “They don’t go through an asylum procedure, they get a residence permit and a work permit right away.” That’s a good thing, Jarasch said. “However, it means that the costs, unlike the asylum procedure, stay in the country permanently. And it can’t be like that.” (dpa)

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