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“We get stabbed in the back”

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Many Western media have decided to stop reporting from Russia. TO image-The chief reporter is still there and criticizes the journalists’ association.

It is increasingly empty in the Moscow newsroom: many media outlets are withdrawing their correspondents from Russia. (Image: REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov)

In the last two weeks since the beginning of the Ukraine war, the German media has gradually brought its journalists from Russia. It is a sign of protest against restrictions on press freedom and also serves to protect reporters who may even face imprisonment under a new law. More recently, ARD and ZDF also withdrew their Moscow correspondents. But there are also critics of these decisions, and they come mainly from those still reporting from Russia.

Information about Russia significantly restricted

Image-Chief reporter Peter Tiede is still in the Russian capital Moscow. In a live video, he reported on the effects of international sanctions on Moscow and also vented his anger. “We can report, but very limited,” Tiede said. Exactly what is sent will be observed. The background is the recently passed Russian law against the spread of so-called “fake news” in connection with the Russian military and, in particular, the war in Ukraine. For example, the conflict should not be described as an invasion or a war, but only as a “special military operation”.

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That is why it is impossible to report on the situation in Ukraine from a Russian perspective. However, Tiede believes it is right to continue working from Russia. “We can report on the political situation in the country, we can move freely in the country, outside the restricted military areas. I think this is a historic moment,” Tiede said. You have to watch him and that’s why he and his cameraman, like other journalist colleagues, decided to stay in place.

“Hit on the face”

But then the chief reporter sent some critical and sharp words towards Germany. He was very upset with the German Association of Journalists (DJV). The association had asked all German journalists to leave Russia. That was “absolute nonsense” to him, according to Tiede. in too Twitter replied Tiede in the DJV publication. “We are stabbed in the back in Moscow,” the reporter wrote there. The call was a “slap in the face for those like me who decided to stay after considering it.”

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Tiede said yes to the moderator in the study live image, he and other colleagues would be portrayed as players who take untold risks. “That is expressly not the case,” he emphasized. image-Reporter. The decision to continue reporting from Russia was made after careful consideration. “We have an obligation to report and we want to report from our own experience,” Tiede said at the end of the live change. Even if he admitted that the external restrictions imposed by the Kremlin no longer had much to do with press freedom.

Foreign Ministry Warning

In addition to the DJV, the Foreign Office had also expressly advised journalists to be careful. “According to this new law in the Russian Federation, private statements on social networks may also be associated with unpredictable personal risks,” the federal government warned in updated security instructions under the new media law on Saturday. “Extreme moderation or alternatively exit is recommended.” Over the weekend, public broadcasters announced that they had temporarily suspended the transmission of information from Moscow. Also other renowned international media such as the British BBCthe american broadcaster CNN or the Spanish newspaper The country they no longer reported from Russia after the new law. At BBC but you seem to be rethinking. The broadcaster announced that it would continue to keep journalists in Russia to report.

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