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Ways to get your kids to identify with other little ones

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Man is by nature a social being, accustomed to living in community and forming relationships. The reason why friends are so important in our lives is because From an early age, we begin to cultivate friendships that will improve our quality of life, both physically and mentally..

In this sense, the portal all the dadsoffers the following recommendations to help our toddlers identify:

  • Talk to your child or observe him at the park or with other children to get an idea of what is your problem so that we can help you.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence on your child so that he is not afraid to approach others. Show him his skills and abilities and promote games he excels at so he won’t be ashamed to play them with other kids.
  • Take your child to parks or places where there are other children baby so that he gets used to being around other children and thus makes it easier for him to identify with them. Another good option is extracurricular activities, which are much more fun and relaxed than classes.
  • do not overprotect your son and let him live his own life, make his own decisions and make his own mistakes. If you are always on top of him, he won’t be able to do anything without your help, not even play with other children.
  • If you have trouble making first contact, help him by taking the initiative the first times. This way you will teach him to talk to others or ask them if they can play with you.
  • Look for tales, stories and episodes of cartoon series that talk about friendship. This way you will see how important it is to have friends and how fun it can be, which will promote your desire to interact with others.

Source metroecuador.com

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