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Was he poisoned? .. A new surprise in the case of the Argentine Sala

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It seems that the file on the death of the Argentine player, Emiliano Sala, will remain open, despite the passage of more than 3 years since his departure after the accident of the plane in which he was traveling.

The jury returned its verdict after a 3-year investigation into the incident in which Sala and pilot David Ibbotson were killed in January 2019 over the English Channel.

The couple flew on an unauthorized plane from France to Wales, where Sala was preparing to finalize her move from Nantes to Cardiff City.

It was concluded that the plane crashed in mid-air, and it is possible that those on board were exposed to exhaust fumes, as Sala lost consciousness after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sala was reported to have died of head and chest injuries in the accident, but talk of poisoning dropped the case to a zero.

David Henderson, the tour operator, was sentenced to 18 months in prison in November last year.

“The family of Emiliano Sala would like to thank the coroner and jury for their hard work on the case, appreciate the jury’s detailed investigation and tireless cross-examination, and appreciate the opportunity for family members of the deceased to attend the hearing. about the case,” said Daniel Machover of Hickman & Rose. After from Argentina.

He added: “This investigation has revealed all the facts that led to Emiliano’s death, and has also shed light on the missed opportunities in the world of football to prevent his tragic death.”

He continued: “The family particularly noted the results suggesting that the pilot and Emiliano were exposed to carbon dioxide, and that Emiliano was unconscious at the time of the accident, and that the poisoning was caused by a malfunction in the exhaust system of the aircraft. The aircraft. “

He concluded: “The family also welcomes the Medical Examiner’s decision to convey to the relevant authorities their concerns about the safety issues stemming from that investigation, in order to prevent similar deaths. No family should be saddened by a similar preventable incident.”

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