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Warning to Ukrainian women about human traffickers


Lower Saxony and Bremen
Warning to Ukrainian women about human traffickers

Osnabrück (dpa/lni) – Experts in Osnabrück issued a warning to Ukrainian refugee women on Monday about human traffickers. “It is a catastrophe that the people of Ukraine have to flee the cruel war and have lost everything, but it is frankly perfidious how quickly human traffickers take advantage of this situation and try to exploit women and sometimes to children for their greedy purposes,” he said. Martina Niermann, head of the Solwodi shelter in Osnabrück: “This is an example of the fact that legal prostitution is also governed by violence, power and greed and Germany can only counter this with a ban on prostitution, as the model Nordic”.

Solwodi campaigns for the rights of foreign women in Germany who have experienced hardship and violence. Solvodi is represented at a national level with 19 specialized counseling centers and seven hostels.

Secretary of State Frank-Thomas Hett confirmed that there are isolated indications that criminals want to approach women who arrive in a specific way. “That has to be prevented! In addition to the appropriate police measures, such as protection zones in the arrival areas, we want to inform and raise awareness. This is an important contribution to prevention,” he said.

He also referred to the information offered by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice translated into Ukrainian, which is addressed in particular to women who have fled Ukraine. The website opferschutz-niedersachsen.de will also be available in translated form shortly. New information brochures in German and Ukrainian are available at www.lpr.niedersachsen.de.


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