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War in Ukraine sparks refugee crisis: ‘The ’30s and ’40s were a time like this’

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Drone Gets a Bird’s-Eye View of Sharks Feeding Off the Australian Coast

Stunning drone footage captured several bronze whaler sharks feasting on fish off the coast of South Australia last week. Lincoln.Brown told Storyful that he had taken his drone out for a test on March 11, before a wedding he was due to film, when he noticed a “dark spot” in the ocean and flew the drone to investigate. I soon realized it was a large school of salmon, and on closer inspection I counted at least 13 sharks,” he said. Brown said he returned to Sleaford the next day to shoot some wedding footage, when he noticed the Salmon had “moved. 600 meters up the coast”, but the sharks were still “100 meters from the coast”. “This time I counted 30 sharks. I made a quick video to raise awareness for local surfers and swimmers who quickly shared and gained traction on the local news,” he said. Shark expert Andrew Fox told 9News: “This is the time of year when bronze whalers come to our area and feed on large schools of Australian salmon, which are a great food source.” Credit: Talina Brown via Storyful

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