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Walking again after being paralyzed for several years.

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A young Australian woman has regained the ability to walk, years after being completely paralyzed as a result of an accident she suffered while exercising on horseback.

When Hasia Atherton was told that she would “never walk again”, she felt her soul leave her body and says that these four words were more painful than her injuries.

The 34-year-old Australian was 29 when she fell from the back of her horse, which ran over her with its hooves while training for an equestrian championship, causing serious bodily injuries.

Hasia was admitted to hospital and underwent a nine-hour operation in which doctors worked to repair her broken pelvis, as well as her spine and supporting muscles. When she woke up, she was told that she might never walk again.

Despite this, the young woman began to get her life back on track by taking on a new profession of helping women access male-dominated professional jobs so they could support themselves and their families.

In addition to her love of horseback riding, Hasia was passionate about professional work, working in her family’s soldering iron factory. After the accident changed her physical condition, she began trying to learn to walk again.

117 days after the accident, Hasia managed to stand up for the first time, and after five months, her condition improved and she was able to walk up to 900 meters. Two years later, the distance doubled to 5 kilometers.

Despite being able to walk again, Hasia still suffers from pain in her pelvis, hip and right leg, as well as headaches, but says her work at the charity, which helps women find work, eases her pain. Hasia aims to help 750,000 women get jobs in male-dominated professions by 2030.

The charity offers a week-long program where women can get tools, spend time in the workplace and try out a few different jobs to get in shape. They are then supported to find vocational training in a company that supports women in professions and to find the right qualification course.

Hasia has achieved several achievements, the most important of which is completing a half marathon and cycling a distance of 100 meters, to prove to herself that anything is possible and that she is determined to achieve what she wants, no matter the difficulties. , according to the British Daily Mail.

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