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Wafaa Amer recipe to receive Ramadan: “My God, they misunderstand the fasting month” (video)

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The Egyptian artist, Wafaa Amer, criticized some incorrect behavior during the month of Ramadan, including the rush to buy Ramadan supplies and the extravagance of food.

Wafaa Amer said, in a live broadcast on his official page on the “Facebook” website: “By God, you misunderstand Ramadan, we answer what we need and buy what we want.”

He added: “Whoever makes a bag of rice, can make a bag of rice, and when you use half, you put the second text in the freezer, and the second day you untie it and put it in the microwave.” , and God Almighty, it looks like you’re cooking it right now.”

And he continued: “Why do we make a bag of rice and throw the rest? We put a plate of rice on the table and take it out of the hanger on our table, and we teach our children not to leave a grain of rice in the plate , and this is not miserly.

The Egyptian artist noted that “the whole world is standing, not sitting, and wars are all over the world, and we are our stable country, and it will remain stable as long as we are side by side, as long as what I have with me is in my hand, as long as we do not know the truth, as if someone has a tax that they pay and does not evade.” And God bless you.”

Wafaa Amer participates in the 2022 season of the Ramadan series through the series “Ghamm Island”, where he explained that it is about an important period in the history of Egypt, the period of the twenties, and revolves around a village in Upper Egypt. , indicating that the actors put a lot of effort into learning the Saidi dialect correctly, in order to better present it to the audience.

Amer added, in statements to the media, that the filming location of the series should be a sanctuary, because a lot of money was spent on it and it was like a painted picture, representing an entire town, highlighting that there are representation groups that arrive up to 1,000 people daily, and there’s a moving cell in town, which is set amidst distinctive lighting, and a new soundtrack.

She continued, “I am proud to be in this work. Good art suits all cultures, and the series has many meanings for the middle-minded society, the elite, and everyone. It is a series for all people and classes, and I love in all my work, and I try to make an art that benefits us, not just entertain, although art to entertain is a good thing, to take people from one state to another.

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