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With the VPN offers from NordVPN, CyberGhost and Co. you can surf safely and save a lot of money. There is currently a reduction of up to 88%.

If you are looking for a cheap VPN, you should take a look at the following offers. (Source: prykhodov /depotphotos.com)

If you want to surf securely and anonymously, bypass country blocks, access streaming content, and shop for less at various online stores, you should get a VPN. Why is a VPN worth it? Here we show you eight reasons for a VPN.

Although there are free VPN services, some of them are good. However, especially with free VPNs, there are often dubious offers that are best to steer clear of. Free VPNs from reputable providers often come with restrictions or time-limited trials. We have listed the few good exceptions here.

Either way, when choosing a VPN provider, it’s worth looking less at price than at features, as longer-term subscriptions are regularly available at steep discounts. We show you which VPN offers are currently particularly attractive.

The best deals on VPN services

The biggest providers are NordVPN and CyberGhost. Both have been at the top of our VPN provider comparison for years. Sometimes one wins, sometimes the other. No matter which of the two you should choose, they are technically almost on par and you won’t go wrong.

CyberGhost logo

1 year + 3 months with more than 80% discount
€29.85€179.85-83% cyberghost

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With 7,900 servers worldwide, Cyberghost gives you protection for up to seven devices. The service also convinces with numerous functions and high speed. The whole over a period of 15 months is currently available for 29.85 euros.

The case is very good. CyberGhost normally costs 11.99 euros per month. With the current offer, the monthly price is reduced to 1.99 euros.


If you are not the market leader, you have to give a little more in terms of price and thus expand your customer base. This also applies to VPN providers. Therefore, there are usually slightly cheaper offers from the second row. And they don’t have to be bad.

In the meantime, the VPN market has consolidated considerably and some VPN services are owned by a single company. This means that much of the research and development also benefits these services. Below is a nice selection of other VPNs that have drastically reduced prices.

The biggest discounts on individual VPN packages are offered by PureVPN, Atlas VPN, Private Internet Access, Surfshark, and IvacyVPN.

Pure VPN Teaser

PureVPN 60 months
€89.95€657.00-86% PureVPN

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You can currently get PureVPN for 60 months at an 88% discount. This means that the VPN service only costs you 1.49 euros per month instead of 10.95 euros. With PureVPN, you can watch foreign TV, download P2P files and torrents safely, and surf the Internet securely.


Private Internet Access VPN

VPN Private Internet Access: 36 months + 3 months free
70,00 €€455.91-84% Private Internet Access

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Of the VPN services, Private Internet Access offers more of a basic framework of functions. Not all streaming service regional barriers can be broken with the service, but anonymity on the network is secure.

But the service is available at a particularly low price. The provider is currently offering you an 81% discount on the three-year subscription, including three months free. This means that you only have to pay 70 euros to use PIA-VPN, which corresponds to a monthly price of only 1.79 euros.


Ivacy VPN Logo

IvacyVPN – five years of secure surfing for only 1.07 euros per month
€64.72€539.40-88% IvacyVPN

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The VPN provider convinces with a large selection of servers and high speed. With over 1,000 servers in over 100 countries and good upload and download values, IvacyVPN knows how to stand out from the competition.

The current offer makes IvacyVPN particularly attractive. With this, you secure the use of the service for five years at a low monthly price of 1.07 euros. The regular monthly price is 8.99 euros.


If you need a VPN to play, opt for Private Internet Access. Otherwise, the Ivacy offer with an 80% discount is recommended. ExpressVPN offers you its VPN service for half that, but at just under $100 per year, the service is still in the upper price segment.

ExpressVPN Logo

Express VPN annual subscription (3 months free included)
€100.05€194.25-48% ExpressVPN

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Normally, an annual Express VPN subscription costs you $12.95 per month, but with this deal, you only pay $6.67 instead. Another incentive to purchase is the additional three free months, which means you can use the VPN for a total of 15 months. With this offer, you only pay $100.05 instead of $194.25 for the entire term.


The two VPN providers ProtonVPN, hide.me and IPVanish conclude our little overview. In terms of price, Hide.me and IPVanish are in the budget segment, while ProtonVPN is a bit pricey.

Hide me VPN: Product Image

Hide.me VPN: two-year subscription
€59.99€239.76-74% Hide.me VPN

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Hide.me VPN client can be used for free in the basic version. However, only servers in Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States are available to you. Your data volume is limited to ten gigabytes per month and you cannot access all logs.
If you want to use the service on up to ten devices without these restrictions, you need a premium subscription. This usually costs 9.99 euros per month. Currently, Hide.me offers you the two-year plan for just $59.99. In total, you get 24 months of VPN protection for just $2.49 per month.


ProtonVPN Product Image

ProtonVPN: 24 months with a 50% discount
€119.76€239.76-50% ProtonVPN

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With the best deal currently at ProtonVPN, you save a lot of money when you sign up for a 24-month subscription. You pay a total of 119.76 euros and thus arrive at a monthly price of 4.99 euros. Normally, the subscription costs 10 euros per month, which means that the total price would actually be 240 euros.


Whether Media Markt, Saturn, eBay or Otto, whether in a brochure or online: we’ll show you the best deals in our buying guides. You can find offers similar to this here, for example, on the following pages:

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Among others, in this article, we evaluate the performance of IPVanish, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, TunnelBear and Hide My Ass!.

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