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Voramar Fanplastic is expanding its collection giving a second life to plastic bags to raise awareness



The Valencian company Voramar Fanplastic, accelerated in the sixth edition of the Las Naves ‘Col·lab’, launches its second collection in which, in addition to bags, there are various accessories such as cases for mobile phones, headphones, water bottles, hats and containers for bars of soap .

The average use of a plastic bag is between 10 and 15 minutes. On the contrary, it takes 400 years to decompose and less than 20% is recycled. Voramar Fanplastic is working to breathe new life into this material and transform it into sustainable fashion design, the City Council Innovation Center said in a statement.

In addition to the ecological solution offered by its proposal, Voramar Fanplastic has a clear social focus: the bags and accessories are made by communities of women at risk of exclusion from outskirts of the city of Valencia to promote social contact, build a network and fight against unwanted loneliness.

This dual effect has attracted the interest of companies that have opened up the merchandising market for corporate events to Voramar, as well as the organization of workshops to raise awareness of the use of plastic and its possibilities.

The co-founders of the startup, Nadine Strzelczyk and Noelia Coll, have assured: “We see sustainability in people. If we don’t create awareness, we won’t be able to make an impact, because in the end people decide where we go. At Voramar, we transform a disposable item into an accessory for life and for future generations. In this way we go beyond recycling and propose a circular economy model that aims to create a more sustainable and community city”.


With this in mind, Voramar explores the use of other materials that are now discarded and that can be given a second life – like boat sails – to include in future collections.

He also integrates new techniques for working with materials. Currently, the manufacturing process of Voramar bags and accessories currently involves collecting discarded plastic bags from supermarkets, markets or from private individuals. The bags are cut using the crochet technique and a continuous thread is created, which is worked by hand – and thus avoids CO2 emissions – they explained.

Among the options being studied is thermofusion, which allows the plastic to be melted and obtain flat surfaces for the manufacture of accessories.

The entrepreneurs emphasize that belonging to the accelerated startups in the ‘Col lab’ “makes us open our eyes and our minds 360º and be prepared for whatever comes our way. Our mentors give us a lot every day, but most of all we would highlight the camaraderie between all startups and the ability to learn from them. It’s amazing what you can learn from initiatives that are so different from yours.”


Source europapress.es

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