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Virginia police officer sentenced to seven years in prison for involvement in attack on US Capitol



A Virginia police officer has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for involvement in the attack on the United States Capitol on June 6 confirmation of the election results.

This is Thomas Robertson, Rocky Mount Police Officer. His sentence of seven years and three months is one of the longest handed down among the dozens of cases opened over these events.

Robertson’s sentence is similar to that imposed a few days ago on Guy Refitt, a Texan who stormed the Capitol with a gun and threatened House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Prosecutors requested eight months in prison for him, but the sentence was eventually reduced to seven years and three months, plus a further three years under supervision after considering that he had last been held in custody for thirteen months.

Judge Christopher Cooper then decided to jail Robertson after violating the terms of his suspended sentence after continuing to stockpile firearms and publicly stating he was willing to die in a civil war.

In April, Robertson was found guilty of the six counts he was charged with, including assault and entering a restricted area with a weapon, a large wooden stick that his attorneys claimed was a walking stick he had been carrying since birth in 2011 shot in the right thigh while working as a private security agent in Afghanistan.

Also traveling to Washington this morning January 6 was an off-duty police officer from Virginia, Jacob Fracker, whose verdict will be read to him next Tuesday. He decided to cooperate with the authorities and pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy against the authorities.

Prosecutors have asked him for a six-month suspended sentence for “fully” cooperating during the trial and securing Robertson’s conviction, CBS details.

Around 850 people have been charged with federal crimes for their actions during the Jan. 6 riots. More than 350 of them have pleaded guilty, mostly to misdemeanor charges, and more than 230 already have final convictions.


Source europapress.es

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