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Virgin River Season 4: The ending explained – Here’s what happens in the finale of the new episodes of the Netflix series



Jul 20, 2022 at 2:23 p.m.

Season 4 of “Virgin River” once again leaves viewers with unanswered questions. We explain the end of the last season of the Netflix series.

virgin river season 4

Virgin River Season 4 (Source: Netflix)

Virgin River Season 4 is finally available on Netflix. But of course, the new episodes bring a lot of heartache, love, and intrigue. Who is the father of Mel’s baby? Who shot Jack? These questions finally have an answer!

If you can’t wait to binge on episodes, or just didn’t pay enough attention to the grand finale, we’ve got a recap of what happened.

Who is the father of Mel’s baby?

Mel and Jack want paternity determined first, but Jack fears that knowing that Mark is his child’s real father will mean he won’t be able to love the child as much. Eventually, they decide to take a paternity test after all.

Before watching the result together, Jack proposes to Mel a second time, and this time Mel accepts. They look at the paternity test result together after Jack insists he still loves Mel and the baby regardless of the result.

Fortunately, Jack really is the father. The two are expecting a girl.

Brady and Brie

Brady is out of jail but is very careful around Brie. After his traumatic experiences of rape and miscarriage, he is afraid of accidentally hurting her or doing something wrong.

Brie reassures Brady and wants him to take care of her like he did before and for them both to be honest about their feelings. Also, Brady’s name is eventually cleared. Mike explains that Deputy Howard admitted to hiding the gun that was used to shoot Jack in Brady’s truck.

Hope, Doc and Denny

After Hope’s accident, Doc emotionally cares for his partner. Her brain damage still limits her severely. At the end of the season, Doc offers to help her find a caregiver, but Hope is stubborn. Instead of asking for someone strange, she wants to ask Lizzie to take care of her.

Denny explains at the start of season 4 that his grandmother is Rose Miller, a former lover of Doc’s. For years, Doc believed Rose was dead because his sister told him. Turns out Rose was pregnant with a boy, though. He’s Denny’s father. In the year leading up to college, Denny finally wanted to meet his grandfather.

Denny, Doc’s grandson, ends up living with Doc and Hope in the season finale. But since Lizzie got into a fight with Denny between the two, Lizzie isn’t sure if she should take Hope’s job offer.

Lizzie, Denny and Ricky

As Ricky prepares for his military service, Lizzie and Denny develop a romance. But he refuses her when she wants to be with him.

When Denny learns that Lizzie turned down Hope’s caregiver job solely because of the argument with him, Denny confesses to Lizzie that he has Huntington’s disease and is terminally ill. He has no future and that’s why he fired Lizzie.

Cameron returns to San Diego

Cameron came to Virgin River this season to help Doc with his practice. Cameron’s father studied medicine with Doc, so Cameron obliges him.

But after Cameron tells Mel to his face that he thinks Jack is no good for her and she should leave him, Cameron quits to return to San Diego.

Who shot Jack?

Preacher tracks down Vince to rescue Paige in the Season 4 finale. He only tells Mike about his plan. Vince wants to know what Paige did to Wes. When Preacher arrives, he explains that Paige killed Wes by accident.

Turns out it was Vince who shot Jack. In his search for Wes, Jack was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot by Vince. Preacher and Vince argue, Preacher is able to incapacitate Vince.

Charmaine and the twins

In the final scene of Season 4, Mel and Jack rush to Charmaine after she frantically contacts Jack. She thinks Todd cheated on her because she found a hotel bar bill.

She suffers from a panic attack, so Mel and Jack call an ambulance. She admits that she lied to Jack the whole time. Jack is not the father of the twins. Who the father really is is left open.

We won’t know exactly why Charmaine lied until “Virgin River” Season 5. Filming for the sequel has already begun and we are planning a release in the summer of 2023.

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