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Virgin River: Everything you need to know about the Netflix drama series season 5



Jul 20, 2022 @ 3:29pm

Season 5 of the Netflix series “Virgin River” is already filming. With us you will find out what is known so far about the beginning, the plot, the trailer and the cast of the popular drama series.

Virgin River: Jack and Mel return for season 5.

Virgin River: Jack and Mel return for season 5. (Source: Netflix)

  • Netflix is ​​giving the drama series “Virgin River” a 5th season.
  • There is no official start date yet. We expect the new episodes in the summer of 2023.
  • Filming for Season 5 began on July 1, 2022.

Wonderful news for all fans of “Virgin River”: the popular drama series returns with season 5 on the Netflix streaming service. The streaming service has already extended the series and filming has already begun.

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Virgin River Season 5: Launch

It is still too early for an official start date. Since filming began on July 01, 2022, we can probably Summer 2023 with Season 5 calculate.

Virgin River Season 5: Storyline

Many exciting new things await Mel and Jack in Season 5. It’s finally clear that the child Mel is carrying is actually Jack’s and not her late husband Mark’s. The two are expecting a girl together.

Also, Jack and Mel are finally engaged. After Jack’s proposal at the end of Season 3 is cut short by Mel’s announcement that he is pregnant, he can finally propose again at the end of Season 4. This time Mel accepts it too . However, since her pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy, there could still be tricky situations.

Season 5 could also be exciting between Lizzie and Denny. Ricky left Virgin River to join the military. During this time, a romance developed between Lizzie and Denny, but Denny fought it off when things got too serious. He confesses to Lizzie in the Season 4 finale that he has HD and there is no future for him.

Since Lizzie is most likely at Doc’s very often in Season 5 as she’s supposed to be working as a nurse for Hope, things could still fizzle out between her and Denny.

Preacher finally got Vince and found out that it was Vince who shot Jack. Will Preacher imprison or otherwise dispose of Wes’ brother?

In the finale, Charmaine admits she lied about her twins. Jack is not the father of her unborn children. This will surely shatter the new friendship between Jack and Charmaine.

Virgin River Season 5 Trailer

Filming only started on July 1, so there’s no trailer yet. As soon as one appears, you will find it here.

Virgin River Season 5: Cast

For the moment, we can assume that all the main actors will return in the new episodes. That would mean we see Alexandra Breckenridge (“American Horror Story,” “The Walking Dead”) as Melinda Monroe, Martin Henderson (“Grey’s Anatomy”) as Jack Sheridan, and Tim Matheson (“Hart of Dixie”) as Vernon “Doc.” Mullins again.

Also Zibby Allen (“The Flash”) as Jack’s sister Brie, Colin Lawrence (“Riverdale”) as John “Preacher” Middleton, Mark Ghanimé (“Helix”) as Dr. Cameron Hayek and Kai Bradbury (“Motherland: Fort Salem”) as Denny Cutler should be back.

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