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Viral error: masons built this staircase that leads nowhere

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A curious video gives the time in ICT Tac. This is a clip of only 16 seconds in which a construction with an obvious error is observed. The spiral staircase which begins at the ceiling ends against a wall, quoted Millennium.

“Here looking at a work by Chay”, says the Internet user @crissparedes01He made a ladder, we don’t know where he will go down. Hey Chay, where are people going to get off? What did you do, Chay, what did you do?, laughs the author of the video which has more than 2.4 million views and includes several clips that continue the story.

a mess

Masons are a great support for engineers and architects, and they can learn so much that only they can design and build buildings using the calculation of experience.

However, the best hunter loses the hareand that seems to be what happened to the builder of the staircase that apparently leads to Station 9 ¾ in Harry Potter.

“Through another video, the “error” of the workers with the ladder that faces the wall and also has a railing that prevents people from crossing it is highlighted. “There is no support , it’s only anchored, so it won’t bear much load, so the construction may collapse”; “Obviously, it’s a temporary ladder until the municipality inspector arrives. You would have made it out of metal and then you would sell the scrap”, “It is an invasion of public space, the municipality will send it to demolition” reads among the reactions of the TikTok post.

It is not the first time

Construction mistakes are more common than you might think, and the worst part is that they often become obvious too late, when the job is almost done.

This is how stairs were made without taking wheelchair ramps into account. Then they try to put them on but they are so prone that it would be an extreme sport to get them down or up.

Sewers have also been built in high areas which are useless when it is raining very hard, or ATMs in a place so high that customers cannot reach the screen. At least that is how an article by about.haus.com

The A,B,C of construction always recommends to have several very sure points before starting a job: Plan the whole construction, have the plans, have a sufficient budget, have the municipal permits, do not forget the weather factor and future scenarios.

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