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Violent fires in Greece and Tenerife

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Status: 07/24/2022 12:05 p.m.

Wildfires continue to rage in parts of southern Europe: in Greece, a village near the burning Dadia National Park has been evacuated. It also continues to burn on the resort island of Lesbos. In Spain, a fire worries in Tenerife.

The massive fire at Dadia National Park in the northeast Greece rages uncontrollably. The village of Dadia was evacuated overnight, and in the morning the military and forestry workers were deployed to cut paths through the pine forests to prevent the flames from spreading further. Firefighting operations on the ground and in the air also continued. 320 firefighters were deployed with 68 fire engines. According to Civil Protection, almost all available firefighting helicopters and planes are currently in use across the country.

The fire continues to rage in Lesbos

A major fire on the southern side of the resort island of Lesbos, where a village had been evacuated the previous day, also remained uncontrolled. Two hotels and more than 90 homes were evacuated in the coastal town of Vatera, police said. A total of 450 people were brought to safety. The coast guard had previously announced that they had evacuated the beach. At least two houses in Vatera were destroyed in the fire, according to information from the public television channel ERT.

More than 140 fires in 24 hours

According to firefighters, 141 fires were recorded across Greece in 24 hours. Among other things, a substation of the public electricity company caught fire near the town of Larisa in Thessaly. Authorities continue to assess the risk of fire as high. Meteorologists predicted high temperatures of up to 40 degrees and drought for the next few days until early August.

Fire in Tenerife

A fire is currently preparing in Spain Tenerife Take care of. The flames have already destroyed more than 2,150 hectares on the Canary island, popular with tourists, regional president Ángel Víctor Torres said late in the evening. 585 residents of La Guancha and four other communities in the north of the island have been brought to safety. Many foreign hikers have been warned of the blazes in nearby Teide National Park.

Regional President: “Delete as soon as possible”

The approximately 150 emergency services have recently made great progress in battling the flames, thanks in particular to higher humidity and weaker winds. However, the temperature rise announced for today and Monday up to 38 degrees is worrying. “So we have to put out the fire as soon as possible,” Torres said.

All forest fires in Spain are now extinguished or largely contained – with the exception of the Tenerife fire and two fires which broke out on Saturday in Yunquera northeast of Madrid and Olmeda del Rey in the southeast of the capital and are fought by a total of 235 emergency services.

Drought and heat in Spain for months

Combined with a drought that has lasted for months and strong winds, the heat has favored the outbreak and spread of numerous fires, according to the weather service Aemet. 2022 is already the most devastating forest fire year for Spain since records began. In the first seven months of the year, the flames destroyed around 200,000 hectares.

A forest fire brought under control in the south-west of France

Forest fires are also raging in France next: However, firefighters in the southwest of the country were able to bring a fire under control after eleven days. The fire is now under control, local authorities announced on Saturday. Thousands of residents of the town of La Teste-de-Buch, who had been brought to safety in recent days, can therefore return to their homes. However, in view of another major fire in the area, firefighters have not yet been able to give the go-ahead. The fire in the town of Landiras is no longer spreading, according to the prefecture of the Gironde department. However, there are still around 30 active outbreaks and there is a risk that the fire will flare up again.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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