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Villacís warns: “When the lights go out, crime increases” and accuses the government of “insensitivity”.



The coordinator of Ciudadanos in Madrid and deputy mayor of the capital, Begoña Villacís, warned this Thursday that “when the lights go out, crime increases”, and accused Pedro Sánchez’s executive at the time of “a lack of insensitivity and haste” in drafting the energy saving decree .

“In ornamental we will do what the technicians tell us. If the techs tell us to turn it off, we will. But the lights in the cities are turned on for security reasons, and when the lights go out crime increases. I insist we would like to speak to them,” he said in an interview on ‘TVE’ collected by Europa Press.

In addition, he reiterated that the City Council had already anticipated these energy saving measures, having already changed temperature limits and introduced changes in the sustainability program.

Regarding the measures, Madrid’s deputy mayor believes that “some are necessary and others show insensitivity and haste”, such as the obligation to introduce an “automatic closure of shops in September” because it involves “costs”. be. .

It has also focused on the amounts for minor violations, which amount to 60,000 euros, something that Villacís says exemplifies how the national government “is not sensitive to small businesses who will not be able to embrace this reality”.

That’s why he insists on the “lack of negotiation and dialogue, especially with the big cities, because it’s about security.” “These things are resolved by speaking up front, by asking questions. That they call us and tell us how we are doing. Madrid is very sustainable. We are a compliant city,” he concluded.


Source europapress.es

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