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Villacís distorts Sánchez’s “cynicism” who “ignores the refugees he took pictures with”

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The Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís. – Isabel Infantes – Europa Press


The coordinator of Cs in Madrid and deputy mayor of the capital, Begoña Villacís, this Friday disfigured Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s “cynicism” because “he ignores the refugees with whom he took pictures”.

“I would like to ask the nation’s government to stop their cynicism. They talk about social assistance, caring for the weak, but the most extreme vulnerability are the refugees arriving from Venezuela, Ukraine… people who have nothing and who are the City Council takes charge,” wrote the journalists from the Gardens transmitted by Cecilio Rodríguez in El Retiro.

Villacís has recalled that it is the Consistory that has to take care of these people when they arrive in the capital, but for a maximum period of 15 days, and now they are “up to three or four months” because the central executive branch “has lowered its guns, doesn’t care about the people” and it is the city council that continues to “take them off the streets and serve them”, but the network has “collapsed”.

Already yesterday, the delegate for the family, equality and social affairs sector, Pepe Aniorte, assured that the capital was suffering from a “slump in the reception of asylum seekers”, in particular Venezuelans, Colombians, Nicaraguans and “an increase in Georgians”, but that “the Government silent on an answer”.

On July 14, Aniorte sent a letter to the Secretary of State for Migration, Isabel Castro, requesting an urgent meeting to explain the need to transfer asylum seekers housed in the municipal emergency network from the Ministry of Emergencies to their own resources Admission , but they say they have received no reply.

“We shouldn’t be asking the government to do their job. You should be ashamed. It is the government of cynicism and the biggest problem is that it continues to neglect these people. For them, the government of the Nation of Spain does not exist,” decreed the deputy mayor of Madrid.

A total of 406 persons are currently included within the scope of international protection in community facilities. The City Council has 368 emergency slots for the Asylum Seekers profile, which means this network is currently at 120% capacity, taking up slots from resources dedicated to other profiles.


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