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Videos | Ricky Martin: “I was the victim of a lie”


“Today I have to heal because I’m very, very, very hurt.” Ricky Martin is launching a domestic violence complaint after withdrawing the restraining order order against the artist. The Latin superstar admits he was “the victim of a lie” and that the process was painful for him and his family. “I’ve never had to process anything as painful as what we’ve been through in the last two weeks.”

The restraining order against Martin was presented last Saturday, July 2, by the Puerto Rico Police, who confirmed to the EFE agency that they were in the process of seeking a restraining order against the artist for a domestic violence complaint under Law 54 to manage protects victims of harassment or abuse on the Caribbean island. The applicant argued that he feared for his safety because Martin had refused to accept his decision to end a romantic relationship, continued to call him and hung around outside his home.

At all times the singer has defended his innocence. “The protection order issued against me is based on completely false allegations, so I will face the trial with the responsibility that characterizes me,” he wrote in a tweet posted on his personal account on July 3. His brother Eric Martin also defended him on social media. In a 42-minute video posted to Facebook, the brother asserts that the applicant is a nephew “with mental health problems,” attacks the media and police for speculating about the alleged victim’s identity, and calls on the Puerto Rico government to strengthen their mental health and rehabilitation programs. In the video that accompanies this news, Ricky Martin himself confirms his brother’s reasoning and wishes his nephew “to find the light”.


Source elpais.com

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