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VIDEO Two families fight at Disney World and leave several people hospitalized

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Disney World, the happiest place on earth, where dreams come true and magic exists, but also the place where absolutely anything can happen and some of the most sordid situations imaginable. Yes, a video showed the disaster left by the fight.

It all happened at Magic Kingdom park in Orlando, certainly the least expected location for a fight of this caliber, as two large groups of people, dressed in Disney-themed clothing, left the words untouched. to go to punches and kicks. This was reported by several media. The video of what happened quickly went viral.

The Incredible Fight Between Two Families At Disney World Is Spinning On Social Media Surprising Everyone

According to Disney World Blog, a family member walked out of line to retrieve her phone, which she accidentally left in her electric ride-on vehicle, as she tried to join her group, another family, all dressed identically in red shorts and a white t-shirt. shirts, tried to prevent him from taking his place.

Both groups were queuing to see the “Mickey’s PhilharMagic Theater” attraction, so probably a simple misunderstanding with the booths quickly got out of control. “We don’t like them pushing my little sister,” shouted someone from the girl’s family on the other side.

Apparently, in the footage, both sides started insulting you louder and louder as they got closer, until the conflict erupted, leaving the children crying and the adults panicking. Luckily the fight was broken up by security and everyone was taken to the park security offices.

The consequences of the pitched battle between families at Disney World

As reported by the Disney World Blog, it’s still unclear whether either party plans to sue the other, but some family members have reportedly broken themed clothing and stolen property from the other group.

After the fight, one of the men had to be transferred to an ambulance due to a cut on his chin, while other relatives required medical attention for various reasons. According to official information, this would be the year with the most fights in the Disney parks, with more than 12 so far this year.


Source metroecuador.com

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