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Video: To the UFC! A criminal who tried to rob a store was spectacularly neutralized by the cashier

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July 27, 2022 at 1:20 p.m.

A suspected criminal entered a store with a knife to rob Asuncion, Paraguay. However, he lacked the skills of whoever witnessed the refueling, so he received what he deserved and was incapacitated with a martial arts key. Similarly, the subject has already been arrested and is under the orders of the local authorities.

The asocial stood in front of the counter pretending he was going to buy a product. He handed the ticket to the young man who frequented the establishment, while his gaze fixed on the cash register.

While the worker was counting the money, the subject took the opportunity to enter the counter and try to subdue him. But it didn’t happen like that. When the thief attempted to assault him, the boy reacted quickly and fought back.

He took control of the fight and grabbed his sweatshirt to pull him down the hall. Then he threw a fist at his head and clung to his neck to throw him to the ground. At that time, it was the first attempt to apply a key, but the thief did not give up.

After that, the employee manages to get the attacker out of the store. In the cameras that recorded the movements outside, they appear again, only this time the criminal was kneeled in the face in true UFC style.

In the middle of this they both fall to the ground, but the boy is still in control, he keeps hitting him until he stops him. When he managed to neutralize him, he grabbed him by the neck and jumped back to apply a spectacular key to him.

With that, he managed to win the pitched battle, until a man in uniform arrived at the site. Taking advantage of the fact that the owner of what belonged to him was immobilized, he took the initiative to handcuff him, at which point the video ends.

Authorities report

According local mediain a police report from Hypothesis It has been assured that the thief was identified as Marcelo, 32, who was arrested and had a vehicle and the screwdriver with which he was trying to seize assault to AT M.

Source metroecuador.com

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