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Video: Protesters drag trash cans and other items for protests

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Quito’s secretary of security and governance released video of the moment protesters drag trash cans and other public property to take them to protests.

“WE categorically reject the damage caused to street furniture by groups of protesters. These facts alter the guarantee of basic services such as garbage collection. Social protest is a right, but insulting public property is not,” the authorities stressed through a tweet posted on their social networks.

Authorities released the video and other images where a group of protesters can be seen crossing the streets dragging containers and objects while the streets continue with flames and citizens moving towards the place of concentration.

Similarly, other acts of violence have been reported. Detonations are heard on October 12 and Avenida Patria.

In addition, the demonstrators broke down the access door to the Catholic University and entered these premises, along with the men in uniform.

The interiors of the Flagrancia unit in the homeland were also affected, with officials trapped in the premises due to acts of vandalism.

Source metroecuador.com

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