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Video of the moment of the fire at the UPC in Calderón Quito

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While in the National Assembly discussed and then voted for the impeachment of the president Guillaume Lasso north of Quito, a battle breaks out between demonstrators and members of the national police. Although no deaths or injuries have been confirmed, property damage and complaints of “repression” echoed on social media.

In Saint Michael of the Common two community police units (UPC) were set on fire/destroyed by protesters. The fact would have provoked the reaction of the men in uniform who discharged multiple tear gas canisters to dissuade the crowd.

The National Police issued a statement confirming the damages. Furthermore, they indicated that these acts of vandalism will be investigated and offenders will be placed under the orders of the competent authority.

The same entity released the video of when a protester, firebomb in hand, attacks the facility causing it to engulf in flames.

The minister of the Interior, patrick carillocommented that “The irrationality and unreasonableness of the protest is not understood.” He went on to point out that after the incidents the representatives of the demonstrations will indicate that it is infiltrated. “Ecuador needs peace”sentenced.

In the same way, in front of the denunciations of a minor killed by tear gas, the Police pointed out that it is false; Until June 28, 223 police officers were injured and 4,705 public order events were reported.

Source metroecuador.com

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