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Video Analysis | Who is the real winner of the French elections?

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The second round of the French presidential election leaves a landscape unprecedented in the history of modern France. The correspondent of EL PAÍS in Paris, Marc Bassets, analyzes the results of the elections for the new future of the neighboring country. Who is the real winner Can a government be formed? And what does the result mean for the Left Group? These and other questions are answered in the video that accompanies this news.

The French decided to “sanction” Emmanuel Macron with their votes in the second round of the general election. Last Sunday, the coalition of the current President, ensemble, was carried out with the most votes, but without an absolute majority. The current president, accustomed to a positive absolute majority, now faces a challenge: “France must learn the culture of compromise and pact, or it will be doomed to ungovernability,” explains Bassets. Mélenchon, the historic leader of the French left, is projected to have failed in his goal of leading the first parliamentary force, thereby forcing Macron to appoint him prime minister. The most prominent name during the election process was Marine Le Pen. national assembly (RN), National Association, gets 81 more MPs in Parliament; so from 8 to 89.

In an election marred by 53.7% abstentions, the votes reflect a three-headed French political scene – center, left alliance and far right – that has dominated politics since Macron came to power in 2017. The voices against the system will be heard more and will carry more weight in parliamentary life. And social dissatisfaction will be reflected in the semicircle. If the attempt to form a majority fails, the President of the Republic has the option of dissolving the assembly and convening new legislative assemblies.

Source elpais.com

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