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Victoria Federica, attack!

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It may be that the high temperatures are helping to melt away a little the Victoria Federica effect that we feel so poignantly appointed heir to one shine Bourbon with no discernible background. At 21, the attempt to market her as an aesthetic continuator of the family legacy seems to exhaust her.

Look what happened in those 21 years! For example, the dress that Jennifer Lopez eventually married Ben Affleck in is also 21 years old. She claims to have eventually bought it, put it away and waited for life and love to give her back to Ben. Not only that, when she married him, she stopped being Lopez to be called Affleck. So he’s going to be all American, he’s already playing in the premier league. With this we understand that Jennifer has mastered everything quite well. A first phase of crazy love, almost wild, surrounded by cameras, diamonds and speed. Followed by a long period of work and study, children and friends of all kinds, even a baseball legend who had dated Madonna. All of that happened, Jennifer knew how to wait because she knew she would end up being crowned Mrs. Affleck in the magazines.

Jennifer Lopez (left) with one of the designs chosen for her wedding and a photo with newlywed Affleck.Newsletter OnTheJLo

I wish magazines would loosen their obsession with heiresses and embrace new heroines like members of the women’s national soccer team. They’re top scorers, they play passionately, and they’ve managed to reverse the madness of seventies macho cinema, where a women’s soccer team was all boobs, jokes, and bad scripts. These women are already fighting for a Champions League that resists at first.

Just before the temperatures turned wildfire, my friend Georgette sent me a video of Carlota Casiraghi talking to a literary editor about her summer reading. With sunglasses that fit perfectly on her face and a delicate Chanel summer jacket, Carlota captures you, in her secret and in her handling of a deep voice. These people sell fascination better than anyone. And with books.

Carlota and Victoria Federica are heiresses and at least share the resemblance to their mothers. There was also a brief moment when Princess Carolina and Infanta Elena enjoyed a clash of style almost as thrilling as an England-Spain final in women’s football. Carolina reigned alone on the heights of the for more than 21 years shine and one day, at a wedding, the Infanta Elena, dressed by Lorenzo Caprile, came and crushed Carlota’s mother. Today we can say that it was a team effort, between Marichalar and his wife, the great goal of the luxury dukesas they were popularly baptized. Later, the temporary cessation of co-existence as the Dukes of Lugo brought the Infanta Musketeer back to the routine world of kings mixed with cavalry. Unfortunately, this competition fell asleep, the Infanta Elena lost interest in the task of competing with Carolina in elegance. He returned to the cops with his pigtail and panama hat. We don’t know if any of what he learned from that experience was passed down to his daughter. But now we can confirm that Victoria Federica grew up in a state of limbo shine from which social media and magazine publishers rescued them.

While his sister poses in boredom, Felipe Froilán celebrated his 24th birthday at Opium, a nightclub in Marbella where a shooting took place, injuring five. Froilán knows shooting, having shot himself in the foot while hunting. His grandmother, not yet emeritus, said one of her few and most valuable sentences: “These are children’s things.”

Marichalar Borbón’s children need a vacation from themselves. Like the Affleck couple, so did the Grimaldis. You could use them to study the delicate balance between what you inherit and what you contribute.

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