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Verdi reaches new salary agreements

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The calculation worked: Late last week, Verdi called on Postbank union members to go on a warning strike to influence employers’ willingness to pay. And, in fact, there was a compromise during the negotiations on Tuesday night. Postbank’s 15,000 employees will get a 3.1 percent pay rise from June and another 2.1 percent in February next year; they will also receive a one-time payment of EUR 750 each in May and January.

Protection against dismissal until 2024

“This is a good result for employees in extremely uncertain times,” said Jan Duscheck, who led the negotiations for the union. Philipp Gossow of Deutsche Bank, to which Postbank belongs, spoke of a “fair result”. Part of the new collective agreement is to take on apprentices, extend protection against dismissal until early 2024, and entitle them to up to 60 percent mobile work. The next few days will show to what extent this collective agreement or Verdi’s strategy will set a precedent. Negotiations with employers on the entry of security forces at airports expire again this Thursday. Verdi hit nine airports on Tuesday, leaving more than 100,000 people grounded.
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Hammock instead of plane. Hamburg airport was paralyzed on Tuesday due to a strike: an affected passenger lay down…Photo: BREUEL-BILD/CNTV

Negotiations for public banks will continue next week; these include state banks, mortgage companies and individual savings banks with around 60,000 employees. So far, the Association of Public Banks has offered a single payment/crown premium of 750 euros this March, a salary increase of three percent in November, two days off in 2023 and a reduction in working hours from 39 to 38 hours. in 2024 without loss of salary. Verdi that is not enough. In view of the inflation rate of more than five percent, the percentage increase in union wages comes too late. A solution on March 31 is possible.

200,000 bankers affected

The situation is more difficult for private banks with around 140,000 employees. Here Verdi just wants to start over after the agreement with the public banks. For the first time since 1972, public and private banks are negotiating working conditions separately. The extremely tough collective bargaining agreement with the banks has not gotten any easier as a result: the collective agreements expired in June 2021.

AOK in the east no longer pay

In the organizational sphere of the services union there are permanent collective agreements and negotiations. For around 50,000 AOK employees, Verdi has implemented a one-time payment of 1,100 euros, to be paid in March, as well as a percentage increase of 3.1 percent in December. However, this does not apply to employees of AOK Nordost, which includes Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Responsible employers in this area do not want to pay any table raises or a corona premium. “In view of the massive drop in employee satisfactionand the enormous intensification of work, we believe that the lump sum payment would also be an economically viable component to show appreciation and respect to employees belonging to“said the representative.of Verdi President Christine Behle.

Controversial nursery discharge days

Behle is also involved in negotiations for around 330,000 employees in social and educational services (including childcare), which were unsuccessful in Potsdam on Tuesday and postponed until mid-May. “We are sure there will be violent reactions before the next round of negotiations on May 16-17,” Verdi boss Frank Werneke announced, warning of strikes in the coming weeks. Above all, the employers reject the so-called rest days because “this would inevitably lead to a further aggravation of the already tense situation of the staff”.

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