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Verdi begins warning strike at Lufthansa

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FRANKFURT — With a warning strike by ground staff, the Verdi union has largely brought Lufthansa’s flight operations to a standstill. The walkout began on Wednesday morning, as strike leader Marvin Reschinsky told the German Press Agency.

As a precaution, Lufthansa has canceled more than 1,000 flights at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs and fears the effects until Friday, the last school day before the summer holidays in Bavaria. 134,000 passengers had to change their travel plans or cancel them altogether. At least 47 connections had already failed on Tuesday.

Lufthansa has advised affected passengers not to go to airports as most counters are not busy anyway. In previous industrial action, the terminals had remained largely empty on the day of the strike.

According to Verdi, various Lufthansa companies in the Frankfurt and Munich hubs as well as in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Hanover, Stuttgart and Cologne have been on strike since 03:45 on Wednesday. Very different groups of employees are used, such as counter staff, aircraft technicians and the drivers of the huge tow tractors that move planes to the right places at the airport. The walkout is expected to last until 6 a.m. Thursday. Verdi called for rallies at airports in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

Only Lufthansa flights to and from Munich and Frankfurt should be canceled at the decentralized airports. In addition to the 1023 canceled flights with LH flight numbers, there may be other connections from group companies such as Swiss, Austrian and Air Dolomiti, as these are handled in the hubs by Lufthansa ground staff. Strike-free direct flight subsidiary Eurowings, meanwhile, assumes flight operations will be largely normal across the network.

Lufthansa and Verdi only discussed the future wages and working conditions of the approximately 20,000 ground workers in two rounds. A third date is for 3./4. Agreed in Frankfurt in August. Verdi had rejected a first offer deemed too low. The union is demanding 9.5% more salary, but at least 350 euros.

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