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Vatican Secretary of State interested in fires in Zamora to brief Pope Francis



The Vatican Secretary of State has asked the Bishop of Zamora, Fernando Valera, for information about the fires that are ravaging the province, with the intention of passing this information on to Pope Francis.

Likewise, from the Vatican Secretariat of State, they have expressed their solidarity and affection towards all the victims and those affected by the fires, making it clear that the Pope is “particularly sensitive” to this type of disaster, and in his encyclical “Laudato si ‘represents believers and offers non-believers a comprehensive proposal to promote a shift in values ​​that will allow the development of a spirituality based on ecological respect.

The Church of Zamora, aware of the “dramatic situation” that the province is going through, wanted to be at the service of the victims, giving them the “spiritual and material attention” they needed, and from the first moment has the delegate of Zamora states the Board, Clara San Damián, the full availability of the diocese for collaboration in all relevant areas.

In this sense, the diocese made available the seminary of San Atilano for the reception operation, Cáritas received twenty people in their residences and in addition opened an emergency campaign in favor of those affected, and some priests accompanied the evacuees to spend time, encouragement and collaboration in the Logistics to make staying in venues like IFEZA or the Carbajales de Alba pavilion more comfortable.

In the same way, the Bishop of Zamora invites the Christian community to pray for the eternal rest of the deceased and wishes to encourage their families in the difficult times they are going through and wish the hospital patients a speedy recovery so that the victims will be adequately cared for to restore the necessary conditions for a dignified life in their places of origin.

On the part of the diocese, we also want to thank the extraordinary response of the professionals and volunteers who have covered so many emergencies in these days of fear and uncertainty.


Source europapress.es

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