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Vasectomy: requests increase, after the cancellation of the right to abortion in the United States

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On July 1, the Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion, a decision that sparked hundreds of protests across the country. Same, a flurry of legal activity has been unleashed in state courts by those defending him.

However, this movement has also prompted many men to consider having a vasectomy.

In reality, several clinics in the United States have received hundreds of requestsasking all about this surgery.

Many men in America have asked about vasectomy

The Cleveland Clinic of Ohio detailed that there was a considerable increase in the scheduling of vasectomies.

He even revealed that in a day they usually have three to four requirements, but since July 1, the figure has climbed to 90.

Ohio, Texas, Florida and Missouri are some of the states that immediately activated the abortion ban, which citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with.

This contraceptive method will be an auxiliary, after the failure of the abortion

Likewise, the value of finding long-acting contraceptive methods increased since the Supreme Court decision.

Some of these are fallopian tube ligations and IUDs, which help prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Even on Google, the word vasectomy was one of the most searched, because citizens seek an alternative to public opinion.

“It was a very, very notorious Friday and then the number that arrived over the weekend was huge and the number that continues to arrive far exceeds what we have seen in the past.

“A lot of guys say they’ve been thinking about a vasectomy for a while, and the Roe vs. Wade was just the latest factor that pushed them over the edge and compelled them to submit the case online.”

Dr. Stein in an interview for the Washington Post

Vasectomy is a form of permanent sterilization, which prevents sperm from passing through the various ducts to combine with semen.

Source metroecuador.com

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