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Vanessa Mai is stunned by Elton’s moderation: “What’s going on with you?”

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Today’s hit news in the GALA ticker: Vanessa Mai berates Elton +++ Helene Fischer celebrates a comeback on social media +++ ‘The big hit comeback’: What happened when the cameras were off extinct.

Schlager 2022: All information and news about your successful stars in the GALA ticker

July 28, 2022

Vanessa Mai shoots Elton

Elton is considered one of Germany’s most popular and experienced moderators, but in the show “Blamieren oder Kassieren XL”, which aired on “ProSieben” on July 27, 2022, the TV face committed the one or the other error. Once, the 51-year-old was even scolded by a guest.

“Her zodiac sign is ‘Party Palm’, and she even has that as a tattoo,” Elton Vanessa Mai, 30, announced on the show. But he immediately had a “What?!” irritated. Visibly amused, Mai repeated the term “party palm” before shooting the musician and asking, “What’s going on with you?” Why “party palm”? »

“Don’t you have a palm tree tattoo somewhere?” Elton replied, irritated. The musician was able to affirm it – the tattoo recalls her wedding in Mallorca – but she still found the introduction with this detail inappropriate. And it went even further: when Elton announced “Your album is called ‘Mai Tai'”, the 30-year-old exclaimed “That was last year!” and “Metamorphosis” between the two – the title of his new disc, which will be released on August 12, 2022. “Dude, Elton”, was then visibly annoyed Vanessa Mai.

July 26, 2022

Helene Fischer celebrates her return to Instagram

Hélène Fischer, 37, is back. With Florian Silbereisen, 40, “Schlagercomeback”, the Schlagerqueen celebrated his return to television on July 23. And the interpreter of “Herzbeben” suddenly becomes also active on Instagram. In particular, their personal involvement in their latest post might surprise some fans. Her last social media posts were always tagged “Team Helene”, which ended up no longer being well received by followers.

Now, Helene Fischer has finally reached out to her community personally. Among other things, she writes about a video: It was so good for you to be on stage! Thank you for this weekend rush of happiness! The August show is fast approaching and my anticipation to see you all grows and grows. It’s going to be huge!!!” She decorates her contribution with a kissing mouth and: her name. After the baby break, the hit star seems to be celebrating her comeback not only on television, but also on the platform popular social media.

“The big hit comeback.2022”: The show ended so happily

“The big hit comeback.2022” has some surprises in store on Saturday July 23, 2022. For example, 37-year-old Helene Fischer celebrated her return to the stage after the birth of her first child. Especially for moderator Florian Silbereisen, 40, the ARD broadcast ended with a big, wet surprise.

The hit stars and the artist celebrated the grand finale of the show in Leipzig to the hit “Atemlos” by Helene Fischer. Beatrice Egli, 34, is now showing what viewers were no longer able to see on her TikTok channel. “When the cameras went out, we still took a total risk. Was Florian happy with the little refreshment?”, She writes in a clip that she shares on the video platform. It shows singer Maite Kelly, 42, and American star Anastacia, 53, as they push Florian Silbereisen into one of the fountains at the edge of the stage with concentrated female power – successfully. Will the host soon take revenge on his colleagues for this cheeky prank?

July 25, 2022

Maite Kelly: Fans Are Excited About Her Fire Red Look

Maite Kelly, 42, was probably able to sleep well on Sunday evening July 25, 2022. After all, she not only successfully staged her appearance at the “Das Große Schlagercomeback.2022” in Leipzig on Saturday, but was also showered with compliments by his fans on Instagram. There, the singer shared a short clip showing her having fun in her stage outfit – a bright red tube dress.

For her new look, the 42-year-old has caused storms of enthusiasm with around 226,000 subscribers. “Wow!!! Maite you look amazing [sic]“praises a fan. Another nods: “You really look great Maite! [sic]”And her performance, in which she initially wore an XXL skirt over her dress, which she jokingly calls her ‘parachute’, was apparently well received. “You are fantastic and a fairy tale appearance, dear Maite [sic]”Only one user among many is enthusiastic. And something else stands out. ‘Maite, you’ve lost weight,’ notes one follower appreciatively.

On a blockbuster party: Oli P. and Pauline make their first appearance after brain surgery

In August 2019, 43-year-old Oliver Petszokats and his wife Pauline had to undergo brain surgery. According to her, her tumour, which was accidentally diagnosed in 2007, was “very close to the center of vision and movement” and grew so large that it had to be removed. The years that followed were difficult and there was “still room for improvement in terms of health”, explained the singer in August 2021 to the “Schlager.de” portal. On Saturday, July 23, the time had finally come: The couple made their first appearance together after the serious operation in the ARD program “Das Große Schlagercomeback.2022” by 40-year-old Florian Silbereisen.

After his performance, Oliver Petszokat looked relaxed in front of the camera while taking a selfie. Meanwhile, his wife Pauline watches him in love. The former GZSZ star has already performed on the Silbereisen stage – certainly a special moment for the musician, since his Pauline was able to cheer him on in the audience after so long. On Instagram, the interpreter of “Avions dans le belly” thanked him with the following words: “We really had such a great day at @floriansilbereisen.official…! It was exciting, friendly and just great! Thanks for your love !”

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