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Vaccination status will change starting in October

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The government plans to consider only the triple vaccinated as fully immunized. The regulation should apply from October, with exceptions.

Decisive for the vaccination status: the vaccination certificate © Andreas Arnold/​dpa

Those who have been vaccinated twice will soon lose their fully vaccinated status. A draft amendment to the Infection Protection Act available to ZEIT ONLINE provides for complete vaccine protection against Crown will require three individual vaccines in the future. It has already been largely confirmed by the traffic light coalition factions, but politicians in the Bundestag could amend it in detail next week. An expert hearing will also take place next Monday.

Until now, two doses of vaccine are considered basic immunization and, therefore, complete vaccines. According to the traffic light coalition, this state will require three vaccines starting in October 2022.

However, there must be exceptions for those who have recovered: Starting in October, two (instead of three) doses of vaccine should be enough for a complete vaccination if

  • can detect antibodies by a blood test done before the first vaccination or

  • you were infected before or after the second dose and you can prove it with the result of a PCR test, that is, you have had the disease once. The proof must be at least 28 days old.

A transitional rule should apply until the end of September: people are also considered to be fully vaccinated by then. with a single vaccine if they meet the additional requirements (antibody test/recovery) as those twice vaccinated must meet starting in October to be considered fully vaccinated.

The state fully vaccinated it is necessary to be able to enter restaurants or other facilities in the case of the 2G regulation. Until now, two vaccinations or, for 90 days, a recovery test have been sufficient. A third injection, the booster vaccination, authorized access in most federal states if the 2G-plus regulation was active.

Although the corona protection measures will expire on March 20, with some exceptions, according to the bill, only the mask requirement should remain in means of transport and in care facilities, dialysis centers, hospitals and accommodation for applicants. asylum, but there should still be testing in some facilities. The Bundestag also wants to decide this by Friday with the new version of the Infection Protection Act.

At the same time, the federal states should have the legal opportunity to implement additional protective measures at their own discretion by resolution of the state parliament if, for example, there is a “specific risk” in a district that the infection process could worsen and hospitals are threatened by overload. Through this so-called hotspot regulation, the 2G regulation could be repeated regionally, for which you would then have to show more than two shots starting in October.

In addition, there is no time limit for the validity of the vaccination. A double vaccination can only take a maximum of 270 days to enter Germany. Otherwise, those who enter the country must present proof. This is regulated throughout the EU.

For the first time, an antibody test for vaccination and recovery status is legally established. In addition, the 90-day period during which those who have recovered have formal convalescent status will become law again, but the federal government should be able to regulate changes in convalescent period and vaccination status through an ordinance. in the future. .

So far, the Robert Koch Institute and the Paul Ehrlich Institute have been allowed to decide on the recovery and vaccination status. Because in a mid-January decision, Parliament had allowed them to set the criteria for vaccination status and recovery period at their discretion through a regulation. This was met with criticism, as these regulations also restrict personal freedoms. In the future, at least the federal government must participate.

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