Jul 20, 2022 @ 12:41pm

Can you also bring the image of WOW and Sky Go to TV via Chromecast? It is impossible to answer the question clearly with “yes” or “no”. It depends on the service.

WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) supports Chromecast, not Sky Go. (Source: depotphotos.com/seemantaduttaskv)

  • WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) supports streaming with Chromecast natively.
  • Unfortunately, this option was removed from Sky Go a few months ago.

Google’s Chromecast devices allow you to cast content from your smartphone to a larger screen with an HDMI connection, such as a TV or monitor. Content can come from thousands of apps.

If you have a Sky TV subscription or use WOW, which can be canceled monthly, you might be wondering if you can also use these services with a Chromecast. In this article we will explain if this is possible.

WOW supports Chromecast

The answer to the question of whether Google Chromecast supports Sky’s subscription services is not easy. WOW natively supports this feature. To be able to stream your WOW series or movies to the Chromecast, you proceed in the same way as the other applications.

After opening the app, a rectangle with a WiFi symbol, i.e. the streaming symbol, appears at the top right – if a Chromecast is in the WiFi network. Click it to connect your smartphone to the Chromecast. Now when you play a video, it will automatically cast to the Chromecast.

Sky Go without Chromecast support

However, series and movie lovers who stream their content via Sky Go will get nothing. Because here the UK TV company removed the Chromecast feature a few months ago and fixed all known workarounds. According to their own statements, this is done for licensing reasons.

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