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Useful alternative activities to gym exercises.

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Although many women go to the gym and do various exercises to improve their fitness and lose weight, some women still face some difficulties in going to the gym due to their conditions, prompting them to look for alternatives to gym exercises.

The following is a set of alternative activities, according to the Metro website:

gardening work

According to experts, gardening has mental and physical benefits, as it distracts from thought and helps to stay among plants and flowers, which helps improve mood, feel more relaxed and relieve stress. Garden work, such as digging and mowing the lawn, helps strengthen the body and muscles.


Skating is one of the forms of recreational sports that involve interest, as it requires concentrating on movements that need to be practiced hundreds of times before mastering them, and this in turn increases the power of mental concentration and also helps to strengthen the muscles. of the legs and hips, in addition to the muscles of the arms.


It is known that riding a bicycle is usually in a purely sporting context, but it does not necessarily have to be that way, since experts advise riding a bicycle freely, and wandering with it through picturesque natural areas, which gives the person a feeling of comfort and relieves your tension, and makes you inhale more Fresh air, away from polluted city streets and paths. Cycling also strengthens the leg muscles and improves the body’s endurance.

Do the housework

This activity may not be pleasant for many women, but it has many benefits, it improves the body’s resistance, strengthens the muscles and positively affects the physical condition. For example, experts advise not to use the vacuum cleaner and use a normal vacuum cleaner while cleaning the house, because this requires more effort and helps to exercise the muscles of the body with more movement and flexibility.

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