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USA: Moscow could use weapons of mass destruction

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New York (AP) – The United States has rejected Russia’s accusation of developing biological weapons in Ukraine and warned against attacking Moscow with weapons of mass destruction.

“Ukraine does not have a biological weapons program. There are no US-supported Ukrainian bioweapons labs,” US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in New York on Friday. She is deeply concerned that Russia is using the allegations to create a pretext for a possible false flag operation. “We have serious concerns that Russia plans to use chemical or biological means against the Ukrainian people.”

Ukraine also rejected Russia’s claims. “Ukraine operates a health system that fully complies with its international obligations and works in full cooperation with all relevant international organizations,” Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN Serhiy Kyslytsia told the emergency meeting on Friday. “The rest is a bunch of crazy delusions of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and his minions, including Russian representation at the United Nations.”

Fact-checkers partially refute the claims

It is already the eighth emergency meeting of the most powerful UN body since the escalation in Ukraine, but the first requested by Moscow. The background to this is Russia’s accusation that the US and Ukraine are developing biological weapons. International fact-checkers have partially refuted such claims. The UN also said it knew nothing about weapons of mass destruction allegedly produced in Ukraine. The United States speaks of “propaganda” and a possible pretext for the Russians to use weapons of mass destruction themselves in the Ukraine war.

Thomas-Greenfield noted that Russia has used such weapons in other conflicts and also against domestic political opponents. Moscow is acting according to a pattern that is now evident in Ukraine as well.

Regarding the cooperation between the US and the laboratories in Ukraine, the ambassador said that Washington supports Kiev in the security of its health facilities, for example, in the identification of the corona pathogen. “This job has everything to do with protecting people’s health. It has absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing to do with biological weapons.”

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