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US warns China, saves energy against Putin, controls dreams

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Russia is said to have asked China for equipment, a base in western Ukraine has been hit, and “fully immunized” is being redefined. The morning summary

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The situation in Ukraine

© Andrea Carrubba/Anadolu/Getty Images

Russia is said to have asked China for military equipment and economic aid. the USA they have warned the Chinese government of dire consequences if it complies with such a request.

A military base in western Ukraine has been hit by rockets. At least 35 people died. The base is not far from the Polish border.

the united states have Russia warned against expanding fighting into NATO territory. President Volodymyr Zelenskyj believes that such an escalation is only “a matter of time.” He again asked for a no-fly zone.

An American journalist has been killed in a bombing near Kiev.

About 125,000 people rallied across the country against the war on Sunday.

Less heat, 100 km/h on the highway: some people want to limit themselves, also in order not to fill the Russian war chest. Tina Groll and Saskia Patermann have investigated what brings how much.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner apparently wants to relieve drivers with a fuel subsidy. He had previously spoken out against a “brake on fuel prices.”

The incorrect statements of the fan historian: Andreas Kappeler has with vladimir putin historical claims addressed. (Z+)

    ©[M]ZEIT ONLINE;  Yevgeny Bernos

© [M]ZEIT ONLINE; Yevgeny Bernos

“I’ll Be Back, Soon”: Anastasia Krol captures what it means to be a young woman in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

TikTok brings the war to millions of smartphones. My colleague Meike Laaff has dealt with the consequences.

The Federal Criminal Police Office registered a growing hostility towards the people of Russia.

Activists from the Anonymous hacker group have apparently attacked the Russian energy company Rosneft in Germany.

    © Darryl Fonseka/​Shutterstock

© Darryl Fonseka/​Shutterstock

War puts cooperation in space at stake. The international space station is also at risk.

All current developments can be found on our live blog.


Only three vaccines will be completed soon: The federal government plans to change the vaccination status starting in October.


Security personnel at passenger control have been called to carry out warning strikes for today. This can lead to failures and delays.


Several soldiers were killed and wounded in bomb attacks during parliamentary elections in Colombia. According to initial results, the left-wing alliance Alianza Histórico was the strongest force in both chambers.

According to our data, 132,140 new infections were registered yesterday, 26,894 more than a week ago. In addition, 41 deaths were recorded, three less than on Sunday.


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Can you learn to control your dreams? That would scare me a bit. (Z+)

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Florida teachers are now restricted from teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity. A student explains New York Timeswhat that means for teenagers like him.


Outdoor swimming pool, that was the most innocent pleasure for Doris Dörrie. Her until her own body became a foreign body at the age of thirteen. (Z+)

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