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US President: Biden promises action on climate crisis

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Status: 07/21/2022 04:26

US President Biden is under pressure within his party to take decisive action on the climate crisis. It has now announced it will provide $2.3 billion to help communities cope with heat and drought.

US President Joe Biden wants to take new initiatives to fight climate change and is likely to take tougher action in the near future. For now, the nation’s offshore wind power industry in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern United States should be bolstered, Biden said during a visit to a former coal-fired power plant in Somerset. , Massachusetts.

With 2.3 billion dollars (approximately 2.2 billion euros), communities are also to be supported to better prepare for heat waves, droughts and other natural disasters. Federal funds for this are to be directed to programs of the Fema Disaster Control Authority, the Department of Health, and initiatives of other federal authorities.

Will a climate emergency be declared?

However, Biden initially refrained from declaring a national climate emergency, as demanded by some of his Democrats and activists. At the same time, he indicated that such a measure could come. “Let’s be clear: climate change is an emergency and I see it as such,” he said.

He will use his power to “translate these words into formal official government actions through appropriate pronouncements, executive orders and regulatory powers of a President.” A White House spokeswoman previously said all options were on the table.

A climate emergency would leave Biden able to unlock federal funds for clean energy and new climate change measures without congressional approval. For example, it could reallocate federal funds — and invest them in expanding renewable energy. Such a declaration could also serve as a legal basis to block oil and gas drilling, for example.

US Senate Blockade

So far, Biden’s climate plans have failed in the US Senate, where the Democrats are dependent on all of their party’s votes due to a wafer-thin majority. The more conservative Democratic Senator Joe Manchin recently blocked the full legislative package.

Biden’s initial draft of the economic and climate package included tax relief for families and the expansion of health services, among other things. More than 500 billion dollars were also planned for the fight against the climate crisis, including investments in renewable energies.

The movement on the subject of climate protection is very important for the US Democratic President a few months before the US Congressional elections. If Democrats have little to offer on climate – one of their biggest issues – it will likely cost voters

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