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US Government: Russian Troops Are Fighting In Ukraine With Major Logistical Issues

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According to the US government, the Russian military continues to face significant logistical problems in its attack on Ukraine. There are shortages not only of food and fuel, but also of equipment for soldiers, a senior Defense Ministry official said on Tuesday.

“We have received indications that some soldiers have actually frostbitten and been withdrawn from combat. Therefore, they continue to have logistical and supply problems.” Russian troops also had trouble communicating with each other.

Poor planning and Ukrainian resistance are causing problems for Russia

The Pentagon official attributed the logistical difficulties faced by the Russian forces to continued resistance by the Ukrainians and poor planning. Difficulties in fuel supply would also affect the Navy. “They are concerned about whether they can continue to fuel their ships.”

The government official said Russian forces are now likely to be firing from the sea at the particularly disputed port city of Mariupol. In the Sea of ​​Azov, the Russians would have assembled around seven ships for this purpose. The Pentagon representative again raised serious accusations against the Russian armed forces. Clear evidence was seen that the Russians had deliberately targeted civilians over the last week, he said.


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