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United We Can propose that the factions promote a commission of inquiry into the “Uber Papers” in Congress.



United We Can this Wednesday proposed the rest of the factions to set up a commission of inquiry in Congress to investigate the practices of the passenger transport and delivery service platform Uber in Spain, according to journalistic information known as “papeles de Uber”.

“We have received a series of messages which clearly show that there were strategies of tax avoidance, of influencing public authorities and of breaking legality where the corporation was formed,” the MP said in statements to the media. Spokesman for the Confederal Group in the Transport Commission, Rafa Mayoral.

For Mayoral it is a “scandal of immense proportions that endangers the legal systems of the world’s democracies”. “We believe that it is time that this does not go unnoticed, it is necessary to investigate,” he added, justifying the need to launch a parliamentary inquiry into Uber’s activities.

The commission of inquiry proposed by United We Can wants to “investigate market entry practices with factual means against the application of applicable laws on tax, labor, consumer, competition, association and right to truthful information” and “counteract printing practices”. public representatives with the aim of legalizing the situation that has actually arisen as a result of their illegal entry.”

Likewise, it calls for an analysis of the “weaknesses of the Spanish and European legal systems to counteract the abusive practices of transnational companies trying to enter the market against the regulatory framework” and the possible “pressure, favoritism or retaliation for officials and authorities to do so they act in favor of the company and against the general interest”.

Uber took a stand against information from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which uncovered the company’s questionable practices between 2013 and 2017, and asserted that the multinational is a different company today.


Source europapress.es

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