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United We can distance ourselves from the PSOE proposal to renew the TC: it is not agreed and it is incomplete

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The confederal space calls for measures to renew all constitutional bodies, as in the case of the CGPJ


United, we can distance ourselves from the bill promoting the renewal of the Constitutional Court (TC), as it is an initiative “not agreed” and incomplete with the confederal space, since its position is to promote changes in order to to facilitate the replacement of all constitutional bodies.

This was urgently conveyed by sources in the Confederate space after registration by his coalition partner of this initiative, with the aim of amending the Organic Law of the Judiciary again and empowering the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). ) to appoint the two corresponding judges to renew the Constitutional Court.

In this sense, United We Can emphasizes that the initiative comes only from the PSOE and is not coordinated with it, while defending that the legal changes in this area should be broader and involve the rest of the bodies pending changes, the is called the CGPJ itself.

Yesterday, the purple formation’s state co-spokesman Pablo Fernández stated that it was his will to respect the constitution and renew the CGPJ, which has been blocked for more than three years, with the exception of the TC.


United We Can can even advance a bill in Congress to allow for the option to renew the CGPJ with an absolute majority, should that not be possible with a two-thirds consensus of the chamber.

But after being frozen for months without her edit being initiated, she assumed the PSOE’s lack of support for this approach, which de facto meant her withdrawal, although she was willing to negotiate new formulas with the PSOE to resolve this deadlock break up.

“If this agreement is not reached, we must propose an alternative to get out of the situation. If it is not this proposal, this alternative will be proposed to us, but we do not know of a better one, and if there is one, we are open to studying it,” he said last April, in order to face the situation of “very serious illegitimacy ” to warn, which charged the governing body of judges and blamed the PP for it, Blockade said.

Source europapress.es

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