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British Foreign Secretary Truss and former Treasury Secretary Sunak are standing in the second round of elections to succeed outgoing British Prime Minister Johnson. Members of the Conservative Party have until September 5 to vote.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s successor will be former finance minister Rishi Sunak and foreign minister Liz Truss. The two politicians won the most votes in the Conservative parliamentary group. Commerce Secretary Penny Mordaunt received the fewest votes, giving up just eight fewer votes than Truss.

How far to the right are the curators?

Sunak is considered a favorite by many observers. However, the 42-year-old player, who also seduces the center of the party, is controversial internally. Above all, the right-wing conservative wing around Truss accuses Sunak of being responsible for the biggest tax hikes in recent decades.

Secretary of State Truss has consistently finished third in previous rounds of elections, behind former Secretary of Development and Defense Mordaunt, who has long been considered the darling of the party base. She had made a name for herself as a vociferous Brexit supporter and received plenty of support from the party base. As the only remaining representative of the far right, Truss, 46, could now have some good cards.

“Election campaigning over the summer”, Annette Dittert, ARD London, on Johnson’s successor

Tagesschau 5 p.m., 20.7.2022

Party base votes

From now on, members of the Conservative Party must vote for the future leader of the party and therefore also for the Prime Minister in a second round. On September 5, a decision will be made on Johnson’s succession in Downing Street. The vote had become necessary as incumbent President Johnson resigned as party leader two weeks ago after countless scandals under massive pressure from his own government and caucus.

Big Challenges

The challenges awaiting the successor are enormous: Above all, the pressure of galloping inflation is immense. At 9.4%, the inflation rate is at its highest level in 40 years, and another significant increase in heating costs is expected for the fall.

There is also an internal conflict. Many in the party accuse Prime Minister Johnson of undermining trust in the Tories with his constant lies and false promises. In the polls, the largest opposition party, Labor, is leading, and even in their strongholds, the Conservatives have recently suffered serious bankruptcies.

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