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United Arab Emirates participates in the 3rd International Conference on the Administrative Judiciary in Cairo

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The United Arab Emirates participated in the third international conference of the Arab Federation of Administrative Judiciary, today, Wednesday, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in presence and remotely, in the presence of several heads of supreme courts and councils of the Federation Arab. of the Administrative Judicial Power, judges and advisors, under the title of administrative judicial opinions issued regarding exceptional procedures in the shadow of the Corona virus.

The forum sessions dealt with administrative control and its powers, the administrative judicial urgency and the state of health emergency, the lessons learned from the crisis, the impact of exceptional circumstances on the administrative decision and administrative contracts, constitutionality and legality the use of technology in litigation, and other topics.

The President of the Federal Supreme Court, President of the Arab Federation of Administrative Judiciary, Councilor Hamad Al-Badi, delivered the opening speech, in which he presented the pioneering experience of the Emirates in dealing with the exceptional circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic, starting by taking administrative and legislative means that find their basis in the state constitution, laws and legislation, through the adoption of modern technologies. Adapting artificial intelligence to continue working in all sectors of the state, and what the Constitutional Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court has achieved in line with these legislative and administrative achievements, which confirmed the constitutionality and legitimacy of remote work.

He stressed that the UAE, building on the legacy of sustainability established by the late founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, and in line with the vision of the wise leadership, places the highest priority on public health based on the goal of “self-preservation”, the first purpose of Islamic Sharia, and take all precautionary measures to prevent corona virus.

Al-Badi praised the preparation of the legislative and electronic structure and the fruitful cooperation between all sectors in the Emirates, explaining that they were behind the continuation of the work in the courts without difficulties or obstacles to initiate administrative and other actions to the light of the pandemic. , since the court sessions continued to be held by electronic means, with continuous coordination between the specialized authorities, through visual communication services in accordance with the procedures followed, in order to shorten the time and cost of transportation.

It facilitated the procedures of dealers during the crisis, and the exploitation of electronic systems to meet the needs of society, which allowed the country to be in the first place in the Arab world among the safest countries from the Corona pandemic, and among the former ranks worldwide in a series of indicators related to managing the virus.


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