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Union makes peace with Tesla: the first cars are delivered today

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This Tuesday the time has come: Tesla not only wants to celebrate the opening of the plant with a “Delivery Day”, but also wants to deliver the first vehicles produced in Brandenburg to customers.

Tesla founder Musk wants to personally deliver it. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) are also expected to attend the opening of the “Gigafactory” in Grünheide in Brandenburg. Meanwhile, the IG Metall syndicate made peace with Tesla and Elon Musk.

Jörn Minnebusch is one of 30 customers who can collect their Teslas from the new factory in Grünheide on Tuesday. The freelancer arrived with his family from Oberhausen the day before. “We are happy to be in the top 30,” says the 52-year-old. He ordered the vehicle on April 19, 2019. It took him a little longer. “That was clear,” he says, that’s not a problem either.

You already drive a Model 3. The offer to take one of the vehicles that is delivered to Shanghai in Germany was rejected. The version produced at Grünheide, the Model Y, “just has more power,” says Minnebusch.

He’s excited to meet Elon Musk. He was “an extraordinary guy.” Minnebusch shows another photo of the first Grünheide cars, which were already circulating on Twitter in the morning, with the license plates “Giga 01”, “Giga 02”, “Giga 03”, etc.

Jörg Minnebusch (centre) with his sons Mike (left) and Kevin (right).Photo: Thorsten Metzner

Words of praise also came from the IG Metall union on Tuesday. Elon Musk was the terror of the unions in Germany, controversial for the working conditions at Tesla in the US, also for the image of hiring and firing him, which he fought to achieve. But now, for the opening of the “Gigafactory” in Grünheide in Brandenburg, the IG Metall of the capital region and Saxony reported with surprising, almost effusive praise for the American electric car manufacturer.

IG Metall congratulates on the opening of the plant

“I congratulate the Tesla company and its founder Elon Musk on the opening of the plant,” Birgit Dietze, district manager for Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony, said Tuesday. “At Grünheide, the employees work as pioneers of electromobility in a world-leading plant for 21st-century propulsion technology,” she wrote Dietze.

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“Anyone looking for major automotive locations on a world map will come across Grünheide in Brandenburg in the future. With the opening of the Tesla factory, East Germany is strengthening its international pioneering role in electromobility,” the trade unionist continued.

The VW plant in Zwickau, as well as BMW and Porsche in Leipzig, Mercedes and Daimler in Berlin-Marienfelde and Ludwigsfelde, Accumotive in Kamenz and many others represent the considerable potential of the region in the global competition for leadership in the expansion of fight against climate change. neutral mobility, wrote Dietze. This innovative strength and high productivity are “an important prerequisite for good working conditions and good wages in Germany.”

There are currently 3,000 employees working at the plant and 12,000 are expected in the first stage of expansion. Tesla is already among the top 5 largest industrial employers in the capital region. The US group wants to expand the plant into Germany’s third-largest automotive location in the medium term. It is the largest electric car factory in Europe and the first Tesla factory in Europe.

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