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UNICEF provided vaccines in 2021 to vaccinate about half of the world’s children

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UNICEF Spain contributed to the supply of vaccines in 2021 to vaccinate almost half of the world’s children and to respond to almost fifty humanitarian crises in 153 countries such as Afghanistan or Haiti.

This is reflected in the UNICEF Spain 2021 Activity Report, which reflects the main actions and results achieved by the Spanish Committee and the International Organization for the Rescue, Protection and Advancement of the Lives of Children and Young People in a year marked by consequences the effects of COVID-19, but also climate change and the increase in conflicts.

“In today’s complex landscape, we play a unique role in creating a better and fairer world for children. The passion we put in our work, our experience and the credibility we have built with the help of our partners and allies encourage us at work to lay the foundations for renewed solidarity,” said UNICEF Spain President Gustavo Suarez Pertierra.

The activity report also highlights that in 2021 UNICEF Spain helped save 5.5 million boys and girls from death due to severe acute malnutrition, 10% more than the previous year, and provided 49 million minors with access to education and 42 school supplies has delivered millions of children.

In addition, it looked after the mental health of 8.4 million children and adolescents and 3.6 million fathers, mothers and caregivers; delivered nearly 1,000 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to 144 countries and territories through the COVAX mechanism; and has helped free more than 45,000 child soldiers in 84 countries since the pandemic began. It also prevented 7.6 million adolescent girls from child marriage.

At the same time, the Spanish UNICEF Committee promoted actions in Spain. Among other things, the report highlights the recommendations on the mental health strategy and the draft strategy for unaccompanied migrant boys and girls; training 469 local community representatives on the new Child Protection Act; Working with more than 1,000 schools to promote children’s rights and mental health; o Trained 700 teachers in children’s rights, protection and sustainability.

According to the UNICEF report, this is possible thanks to the commitment and support of more than 490,000 partners and donors, around 300 companies, more than 100 institutions and public administrations, 342 child-friendly cities, more than 100 media, more than 200 ambassadors and public figures Life and more than a million followers on social networks.

In terms of funds, the report reflects that UNICEF Spain raised 112.7 million euros in 2021, of which 64.3% came from membership fees, 24.4% from other private income and UNICEF international funding; and 11.3% to public administrations.

74.6% of expenditure was allocated to programs and projects worldwide and in Spain; 22.4% to fundraising campaigns; and 3% for managing and managing resources.

Source europapress.es

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